June 19, 2014 2


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Hello again. Ok, this might seem a bit weird, but… I have started another blog. On the same topic as this blog. With the same posts, actually.

What I’ve been wanting to do recently is really focus my blogging efforts on the consumer decision-making side of research. I’ve written about the ethics of consumption and specifically the ethics of garment production, and I very naïvely wrote some posts ages back about garment quality (as I tried to understand it courtesy of a textbook on garment manufacturing). However, since I started this blog and initially tried to figure out its scope, a few other blogs on these latter topics have come along – for which I am incredibly thankful! And they do such a better job of discussing these topics than I do. Why pay attention to me fumbling my way through a very coarse understanding of seams in a textbook when you could read fashion student Emma’s very informed and educated views on the topic, for example? Consequently, I really want to just stick to reporting research on consumption and consumers, especially since my academic background actually lets me have an informed opinion on that research. And I thought a good way to make me feel more focused was to retrospectively edit my blog content so that it was limited to that topic. So… I just transferred all my consumption/consumer-related posts to a new blog. I know I have a decently sized readership here, but it would be fantastic if you would consider following me to the new blog.

Also, the name of my new blog is a pun that made me laugh a lot when I came up with it (I’m terrible, yes), so I just had to use it. Care to visit? There’s a new post already waiting for you! Wow!