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March 30, 2014 30


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Hello, all! So, things. “The whole thing has become one glorified, ridiculous, narcissistic, nauseating selfie.” I missed this Business of Fashion op-ed – ‘Are Camera Phones Killing Fashion?’ – when it first came out a few weeks back, but I found it via this post of Jacqueline’s and wow, that’s a lot of nails being […]

January 20, 2014 10

Opinions in this post are 100% my own (is that meta?)

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“Opinions in this post are 100% my own.” That disclaimer and variations thereof, stamped at the bottom of blog posts in which a blogger writes about a product they received for free, is seeming more and more like a rabbit-hole to me – its possible meanings or interpretations are deceptively deep and convoluted. Given the […]

January 7, 2014 2

“Secrets of the Sales” – sigh

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There’s a documentary called Secrets of the Sales on BBC iPlayer at the moment (if you’re outside the UK, you can view it using something like TunnelBear) that aims to offer some insights into the psychological and business strategies that retailers use to push sales and encourage purchasing. It’s not particularly critical nor particularly detailed, […]

December 30, 2013 16

Blog conversations (or lack thereof)

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This post over at The Closet Feminist – ‘Fashion blogging is not dead. Our conversations are.’ – hits the nail on the head, in my opinion, regarding how fashion blogging seems to be changing and becoming something more reductive, less discussional, and more driven by capitalism and consumption. The issues touched upon in the post […]

December 26, 2013 26

Ownership, loss aversion, the endowment effect and all those forsaken lava lamps

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Do you ever see things for sale on eBay with prices that kind of make you guffaw in amused astonishment? I get daily emails of newly listed items containing my saved search terms (I really should just delete them but then the very stupid and very irrational fear of missing out on something I never […]